Saturday, June 18, 2011

2Cellos (Sulic and Hauser) - Smooth Criminal

It's a bit past midnight here in Wisconsin, but I wanted to share this with you before I went to bed.

We're still working on moving. Not surprising, since we started yesterday and it's been just my daughter and I. We've got the kitchen about moved in and put away. woo hoo...Our laundry is moved over, and in the closets. another woo hoo. The guys are able to help this weekend, so hopefully we'll get a lot done.

While Baby Girl was waiting for me to finish up what I was doing, she was catching up on her Facebook. I'm glad she did. She showed me this amazing video of these very gifted cellists. I had to look them up and found this article on Wikipedia. From the wiki article, Sulic and Hauser are currently recording an album with Sony Music Entertainment under the name 2Cellos, which will be released in July!

I would have never seen any of this, had my daughter not taken a break.

Smooth Criminal

Here's another awesome performance:

Welcome to the Jungle

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