Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apologies to You My Faithful Reader

One of the great bloggers have said to NEVER apologize for an absence. I can't do it. I have to do it. I have to apologize. I'M SORRY (not yelling, just really sorry).

I've been dressed like a lumberjack for the last couple of weeks while I shovel out from Mother Nature's latest dump. I'd love to tell her to lay off the fiber, but well, she's not listening. And all of a sudden she'd like to melt the piles of shit and make a muddy, sloppy CRAP HOLE! And she did. My dog, a water-cold-hot hating, cheese-loving, Boston Terrier is happy to sit in the mud instead of the snow...ugh. Bath tonight. Did I mention his disdain for water?

Hubby is out of town in sunny Florida helping to build a zoo that is scheduled to open in March. He left (me to do everything here) a couple of days after Christmas. I am in charge of snow removal, only if Baby Girl and I want to open the door or back out the driveway...we kinda do. His elderly parents live a couple of miles away as well. Yep. I GOT THIS (in my best George Lopez impression...not so good if you're wondering).

Apparently the fire ants are on a mission in Lakeland. A mission to bite the shit out of the guys from Wisconsin! I wish I could show you pics of the death trap he went down there in. It's about as old as I am. It's a vintage motorhome born in 1978. It was a crap shoot if it would make it the 1,200 miles where it needed to get, but it did. Hubby and Jason call it home. I'll have to get some visuals for you, shag carpeting and all...

Completely off the subject, I unpacked a box of photos recently and found my absolute fav pic of hubby and I. Here it is:

I love you, faithful reader, and thank you for stopping by my little neck of the internet...

Happy reading,

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  1. This is hubby, and yes the ants do not like Wisconsin guys ( or maybe they do) depends on how you look at it. However; the terd, as Robin Williams would call it, is MUCH worse then described


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