Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Perfect Day to Cook with Guinness

I caught Donal Skehan on the Today show yesterday. Man, that guy is energetic! But anyway, he made the most amazing looking beef and Guinness stew. Here's the clip from the show.

Donal, a 25-year-old home cook was born in Dublin. He started a food blog that became so wildly popular that he was approached by Irish Publishing house, Mercier Press to write a cookbook based around the recipes on the blog. Good Mood Food was released in October 2009. The book was met with rave reviews and lead to a new world of TV and radio appearances.

His latest cookbook, Kitchen Hero, was released last year in March.

He's got a pretty great website. You can check it out here.


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  1. That looks really good! I'm not much of a cooker, but I'd definitely like to eat that!

    I'm a follower via Follow Friday. I'm following you back after you so kindly followed me! :)


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