Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reading Featured in Paintings

Here's some weekend eye candy for you. The following images of paintings featuring subjects reading have been accessed from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Reading at a Table, Pablo Picasso (1934)

Nurse Reading to a Little Girl, Mary Cassatt (1895)

Reading the Scriptures, Thomas Waterman Wood (1874)

Louise Tiffany, Reading, Louis Comfort Tiffany (1888)
The Artist's Wife Reading, Albert Bartholome (1883)
The Reader, Eglon van der Neer
L'Arlesienne: Madame Joseph-Michel Ginoux, Vincent Van Gogh (1888-89)
Portrait of Jan Toorop, Georges Lemmen (1901)

Even more on my Reading in Art Pinterest board.

Have a fantastic weekend.
Happy reading,


  1. What beautiful inspirtation! I now want to get my book and read! Sadly, I won't have a chance to read for a few more hours. :(

    1. Oh, I KNOW. I had so much fun finding all the art to write this post and put images on Pinterest. Glad you liked it. Yes, I feel your pain about being too busy to read :(

  2. You have so many comments already on today's Top Ten Tuesday post that I thought I'd comment here. :-) Thanks for checking out my list and following! I'm now a follower here. :-) Love your varied book related posts. I think I'm going to join pinterest soon and think you've got an amazing board with all these (and more!) paintings of readers. If you don't mind, I just might copy the idea of this post sometime.

    1. Hi Rina,
      It was my pleasure to check out your Top Ten. Hopping through all of the amazing blogs is so much fun, and I love to find new titles that I might not have seen otherwise. Thanks for stopping by and following. I just recently joined Pinterest. It's such a great place to be inspired, but it's VERY addicting! I'm glad you enjoyed looking at the art as much as I did finding it.


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