Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stephanie Plum Notorious Nineteen Release Date

Source: Janet Evanovich and Barnaby

We finally have an answer as to when Will the Stephanie Plum Series Continue? Janet Evanovich has signed a deal with Random House for four more of our beloved Stephanie Plum novels, with Notorious Nineteen slated for release on November 20, 2012. There aren't any details yet of the shenanigans we can expect from Stephanie in the new novel. But of course, I am excited beyond belief to know there will be more.

Janet has also signed on to co-author four titles in a new series with Lee Goldberg.  The series will feature FBI agent Kate Winslow and international fugitive Danny Cole and will be a thrilling combination of crime, romance, and adventure. The first in the series is set for publication in the fall of 2013.

Source: Lee Goldberg
Lee Goldberg is no rookie when it comes to writing. He's written for a number of TV crime shows including: Diagnosis: Murder, Spenser For Hire, and most recently, Monk. Goldberg has written several original tie-in novels based on Diagnosis Murder and Monk. He's also penned several original crime novels which he wrote under the pseudonym Ian Ludlow. You can read more about him at his website.

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