Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be Careful Where You Get Your Inspiration

Hi guys. It seems like forever since we got together. In blog years, it has been. Well it's great to see you and thank you for coming.

Don't you just love Pinterest? I was perusing earlier, as I'm wont to do when looking for inspiration. You know - supper ideas, how to incorporate peanut butter and chocolate into just about any sinfully decadent concoction you can imagine, how to bedazzle sweat pants. The list goes on. and. on.

A person can find so many terrific ideas over there. It's like the MacGyver how-to manual for us mere mortals. (If you're too young to know who MacGyver is, he was a good guy (played by Richard Dean Anderson) from 80s TV who could blow shit up with little more than chewing gum and a piece of shoelace.)

Check out what he does with a paperclip:

For example, ever have the little button come up through the hole on your flip-flop? I saw the craftiest fix for such a dilemma that uses a bread closer. Ingenious! Not exactly the same as saving the world from the bad guys. But dude, anyone who's had a flip-flop break while they're walking KNOWS what I'm talking about. It's a god-awful feeling as your foot drags THROUGH the shoe as the little toe-thong is no longer doing its ONE job and the feeling of doom that occurs simultaneously.

As winter is digging it's nasty cold claws into Wisconsin via autumn, it'll be a while before I'm reunited with my favorite footwear again. But I digress. There was a bookish idea in my head when I clicked on "new post". *retracing virtual steps...* It's gone for the moment, and I really have to go to the grocery store. Dang family wants to eat again today. I JUST FED THEM yesterday!

Oooh. Funny story. So I saw a clip of the Honey Boo Boo show online in which they were making sketti. Mama's family recipe was to mix ketchup and butter (margarine) for the sauce. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I had some leftover naked pasta in the fridge. And ketchup. And margarine! Bam. I'm going to whip up a Honey Boo Boo snack. How can it be bad? Southern food is generally pretty dang delicious. So I proceed with the "recipe" the best I can recall (LOL). It didn't SMELL bad...I sat on the couch to watch the last few minutes of Two Broke Girls with the family.

Baby girl: "what's that?"
Me: "some leftover noodles. Want a bite?"

She made a face as if I'd just fed her a cat turd! She said with noodles hanging from her tongue, "WHAT IS THAT?" I replied calmly, "Honey Boo Boo sketti. Why? Don't you like it?" She didn't care for it, to put it mildly. But then, here's the kicker, she said, "I thought it was caramel and buttered noodles!" What?! Caramel and buttered noodles? Seriously?! I've never prepared that for her. Ever.

Here's the clip of the episode as I saw it:

I really need to get to the store and buy some popcorn and normal snacks. Oh, and something for supper.

The real moral of this diatribe is this. Be careful where you get your inspiration.

Talk to you soon,


  1. Ketchup and margarine? Ohhhh no. LOL, that doesn't sound tasty at all ;)

    I love finding those little tips on Pinterest though and I've used so many great ideas from the pins there!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      No, it's not tasty at all :) Did you watch the clip? It's pretty funny. I LOVE the tips on Pinterest. There's a recipe for homemade laundry soap that I'd like to try. It's gotten some pretty great comments on how good it works. Thank you for coming by. It's always great to see you.

    2. I watched it ;) It looked even worse than it sounded, lol.

      Guess what? I make my own laundry soap! It's amazing!


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