Monday, April 2, 2012

For Your Listening Pleasure: Lindsey Stirling

A little music for your Monday.

The last time I wrote about amazing musicians was when I wrote about 2Cellos, Sulic and Hauser, I think. Anyway, I have another one for you. Violinist Lindsey Stirling. If you've already heard of her and love/hate her music, I apologize for not telling you anything new. I you haven't heard of her, prepared to be WOWED. Ok, maybe not. But I think she's absolutely great.

Lindsey first gained notoriety in 2010 when she made it in the top 48 contestants on America's Got Talent's fifth season. It was the same season 10 year-old opera prodigy Jackie Evancho was competing in. Michael Grimm ended up winning.

Here she performs her song Shadows

And here is one of her newest that she uploaded to YouTube a month ago. Breathtaking.

Dubstep Violin, Crystallize

Lindsey Stirling

Have a great week.
Talk to you soon,


  1. WOW is right! I never saw her perform on America's Got Talent- so this is my first time hearing her play. Thank you SO much for sharing!

    1. Hi Stephanie. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you like her as much as I do.


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