Monday, November 11, 2013

Granddaughter Requests Birthday Wishes For Her Grandpa, A Korean War Vet

As soon as I saw this sweet homage I had to take a screen shot with my phone to share it with you guys. I hope this very special Grandfather and Veteran receives an avalanche of "Happy Birthdays".

If you can't view the image, it says:
Jennifer Bumpus Galbraith posted earlier ~

My grandfather is a former Marine. He served in Korea although he never really talked about it much. I think the most he ever said was to my recruiter when he met him. At any rate this Friday [11.15.13] is his 90th birthday. Is there anyway, we could see if people would send him cards? I think it would be neat to have him flooded with people who care.
If we could, here is his information:

Russell Craig
678 Squaw Rock Rd.
Moosup, CT 06354

Source: AJ Arndt screenshot

Talk to you soon,

PS Yes, it really is 26ยบ F. Winter is here  :*(  We got our first snow of the season today. Thank goodness I cleaned up the debris in the gardens yesterday...


  1. I wish I had seen this earlier! I hope he got a lot of cards! :) Such a sweet thing for a granddaughter to do.

    Hope you are doing well! We are getting more snow this weekend! It is cold out there. :)

  2. Yeah, same here. I know he will be flooded with tons of birthday wishes. Anyway, this might be late but I wish him the very best birthday ever.

    Have a great day!
    Marilyn @


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