Monday, October 3, 2011

Stephen King Reads From the Sequel to The Shining

On Friday, September 23rd, Stephen King put the proverbial "icing on the cake" at this year's Fall for the Book Festival by reading from Dr. Sleep, the yet unfinished sequel to The Shining. Dr. Sleep picks up the story of the original book's now-grown up psychic child, Danny Torrance. Danny, now in his 40s, is a hospice worker who helps his patients die painlessly. There are vampires in this story. The vampire clan is called The Tribe. But they don't suck blood, they suck out psychic energy from people like Danny Torrance.

Stephen King first announced the idea of a sequel in 2009 at a reading of Under the Dome in Toronto.

Here's the fantastic video of his visit and acceptance of the Mason Prize at the Center for the Arts Concert Hall on George Mason University's Fairfax, VA campus. It does contain adult language that may not be suitable for children (I don't want you to just push play and be surprised if you have little ones around). The actual reading from Dr. Sleep begins at the 29-minute mark. Many thanks to GMU-TV for sharing it with us.

What's your favorite Stephen King novel?


  1. I was so tempted to listen to this, but I know that suspense is going to kill me to know what happens next. If King knows something that is to build a good mystery. :)

    My favorite novel by Stephen King? Tough question I read so many.... But maybe 'Talisman' - the freindship between boy and wolf was always so touching and I liked the road-trip. :)

  2. The Stand! Without a doubt! It's such a wonderful book! Now, I haven't read all his books but I have read The Stand a couple of times (in Danish and in English) and it's such an amazing book. Right now, I'm slowly getting into Dark Tower and I'm really excited about that too!

  3. Watched the whole thing. I actually find the parts where he's just talking most interesting. He's a great speaker!


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