Friday, April 27, 2012

Give a Kid a Book, and You Give a Kid a Break

My age is situated in the twilight of my third decade.

Oh alright, I'm 38. Ugh, don't tell anyone, I've been telling everybody for quite some time that I'm 28 (probably since I was 29). Anyway, my age is only important because I'm old enough to remember being able to watch cartoons ONLY ON SATURDAYS. Cartoon Network? Nope. During the commercial breaks, often RIF public service announcements would be aired. Remember this one from the early 1970s featuring Ed Asner?

Ahhhh, the good ol' days. That just made me sound like I'm 80. I'd better watch out or I won't get anyone to believe I'm 28 anymore (I think people are probably onto me already, though).

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) was started in November of 1966 when Margaret McNamara and a small group of local teachers and school volunteers in Washington, DC launched a book distribution and reading motivation program. The pilot project at three public schools was reaching 60 kids in the city. In 1968, the program received a grant from the Ford Foundation which allowed RIF to create a model program and replicate it across the country. In 1975 , the US Congress took notice and offered federal support by matching funds to qualifying RIF program sites.

Since its inception, RIF has given away more than 380 MILLION new, free books to kids that might not have otherwise had any books to call their own.

The program is still going strong, and even though the times have changed, the message hasn't. Instead of airing during Saturday morning cartoons and after school, RIF uploaded their newest video titled "Book People Unite" to YouTube last week. The about-a-minute long video features favorite literary characters and is ADORABLE.

Visit to get more juicy details about the film and to learn how you can help to get books into the hands of kids who need them most.

"The movement recognizes the incredible effect books can have on a child's imagination, sparking ambition, overcoming obstacles and inspiring curious minds."

Have a fantastic weekend. Until we visit again...
Happy reading,

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