Friday, February 14, 2014

Cozy Kindle Freebies for Valentine's Day

Vintage Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! If you're looking for a fun time-suck, do a Google image search for vintage Valentines. Some of them are pretty darn cute.

Big plans for tonight? Me either. Here are some Kindle freebie short stories to cozy up with this evening. I'm not sure how long they're free, so make sure it still says $0.00 when you check out.

Be Mine by Kris Calvert
Every year, millions of people wait for love to find them. The glue that holds our loosely strung and sometimes battered souls together, many believe that love will miraculously show up on their doorstep. But destiny isn’t a matter of chance – it’s a matter of choice. As Valentine’s Day approaches, follow the three intertwined love stories of six hopeful souls who will choose their destiny in love and let their hearts fall where they may. Saying, “I love you,” or “be mine,” is never easy. But if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

The Army Doctor's Valentine's Baby by Helen Scott Taylor
The chemistry between Captain Naomi Gray and her commanding officer, Colonel Duncan Mackenzie, sizzles, but her past means she has no use for relationships or family, and he won't date women under his command. During a week at Duncan's Scottish castle, caring for a tiny newborn baby, they fight their attraction. Can an abandoned newborn who needs a mother and father bring them together?

Duping Cupid by Gina Ardito
Because sometimes, even Cupid needs a little help... Vivi Maxwell runs Cupid To Go, a unique dating service in New York. When wealthy client and former model, Ava Featherstone, seeks an escort for the winter season in Manhattan society, she sets her sights on Vivi's best friend, Sebastian “Bass” Lawrence. Vivi and Bass have both been burned in their love lives and have never considered their relationship more than platonic. But Ava’s sudden intrusion makes Bass realize he’s in love with his best friend, Vivi. Now, with Ava’s help, he’ll try to dupe Vivi into seeing that the man she’s been waiting for has stood beside her all along.

Hearts on Fire Bree Roberts
Jessica O'Malley fights fires and saves lives when she's not nursing her broken heart. Now her ex-boyfriend, Cort Cavanaugh, has returned after leaving her on Valentine's Day one year ago, and he wants her back. Should Jess fight the fire burning in her heart? Is it too late for her old flame? This Valentine's Day short romance is 11,000 words, a perfect short read to squeeze into your day.

Amish Valentine by Kristina Ludwig
Brand new Amish Teen Romance

The stunning conclusion of the best selling Amish Hearts Series Sixteen year-old Mercy has finally discovered true love—with Samuel, the handsomest, smartest Amish boy she knows. The only problem: Samuel hasn't even looked her way since he caught her kissing an Englischer last fall. And worse yet, he's courting another girl, the sugary-sweet Miriam. To top it all off, Mercy is having difficulty coping with life without her twin sister Rebekah, who has just started college in the city. Mercy visits Rebekah and tries to forget Samuel by mingling with cute Englischers, but it's no use—she just can't get over him. Mercy figures out a way that Rebekah can help her to get Samuel back, just in time for the Valentine's Day sled-riding party. Everything will be wunderbar—if only the girls can get Samuel to cooperate! Will Mercy's plan work? Will Samuel be her Amish Valentine this year?
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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I will check to see if any of them are still free. Even if they are not- it is always nice to learn about new books. :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is filled with happiness.

    1. My pleasure, Stephanie. Hope your week was terrific too. Thanks for coming by.


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