Monday, March 26, 2012

Finally Tweeting and Pinning

Friday night, Baby Girl and I watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. All I can say is "YIKES"! I haven't read the book, so I had no idea what I was in for. Was the book that graphic? I did love it when Rooney Mara got her insane revenge.

I also joined the ranks of social media users this weekend. You know, the two and three year-olds that are Tweeting on their iPads as we speak. Yeah them. I joined them.

It all started when I requested an invite to join Pinterest. After so kindly inviting me to join, they requested my Facebook or Twitter information. Wouldn't have been a big deal for most people, but I didn't have either! I opted for the Twitter account figuring I would get sucked in LESS than Facebook, we'll see. Speaking of getting sucked in and addicting, Pinterest is awesome! Embarrassingly, I only know that after watching a tutorial on YouTube on how to use it. I haven't fiddled with my own page too much yet. But, holy crap, can I spend loads of time looking at other people's pins.

So you can find me on Twitter here and on Pinterest here.

Saturday Baby Girl was playing in the district Solo and Ensemble contest. It was fantastic, and the orchestra is going to the State competition. I'm so darn proud of her.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Talk to you soon,

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