Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Encouraging Girls and Sports

Go Girl!: Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Girls through Sports ESPN anchor, Hannah Storm, chatted with the ladies of The Talk today about her book, Go Girl!: raising healthy, confident and successful girls through sports. She says in the book's introduction, "More and more studies are showing that one of the most effective ways to raise joyful, healthy, and successful daughters is to encourage them to be physically active from a young age. It is essential to get them to participate in sports when they're old enough, and especially important to keep them involved throughout their teen years." You can view The Talk segment here

I have to agree with Hannah that we have to get our kids active again. Technology has helped us all become much too sedentary, including our kids. Remember how we used to play outside all day until the street lights came on? With technology, "playing" is equated with video games, texting, and Facebook. I'm certainly not standing on any soapbox (while I sit my butt in front of this computer...*smiling*). I'm just saying I agree that our kids would be healthier if they just got back outside. Well gotta go barbecue some chicken for supper. Talk to you soon. 

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