Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Nobody's Fool

Have you seen Nobody's Fool, the movie starring Paul Newman and Melanie Griffith? Oh yeah, Paul Newman wrecks Bruce Willis' doberman. "Perfectly good dog. Ruined."  It's one of my favs. My hubby knows it as "the one where Melanie Griffith shows her boobs." Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily  lives, we forget how many lives we touch. I was out of town helping one of my parents after one of their surgeries and hubby had to take care of everything I usually did. I usually took the neighbor to the store on Thursdays because he didn't drive (I'd get a call from hubby "where is the peanut butter he likes?") Hubby was awesome and deposited money into my account when I needed money, and the bankers would ask, How's your wife? When will she be home?" People would ask, "How's Angela?" Hubby called and said, "is there anybody who DOESN'T know you?"

When I realized Nobody's Fool is written by Richard Russo, I bought all of his books. I still have yet to read Nobody's Fool because I like the movie so much.. I HATE reading a book AFTER seeing the movie. But I have the book. 

Would someone let me know how close the book is to the movie please? I don't want to wreck it or be disappointed. 


  1. Tea? Not now, not ever.... lol

  2. That is too funny! I like to offer my Dad tea once in a while just hear him quote that line.


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