Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harry Potter e-Books Now Available

Pottermore is a step closer to being up and running. The Pottermore shop is now open for the purchase of the Harry Potter e-books. Books 1-3 in the series are $7.99. You can buy the complete Harry Potter e-book collection for $57.54.

Pottermore was slated to be available to the public this past October. But in its beta version that was open to only a million users, they received valuable feedback alerting them to the fact that the original platform they planned to use just wouldn't handle the anticipated volume of users. So they made the decision to move Pottermore to a completely different platform set up.

They still plan to have the entire site up and running in early April. Fingers crossed.

The Pottermore folks have uploaded this handy video tutorial to YouTube:

Happy reading,

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