Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Quick Hello and Weekend Update

This past weekend was terrifically-crazy-busy. It was a weekend chock full of family, eating, fun, more eating, more fun....And card-playing.

My parents and Grandma came down from Up North. ("Up North" here in Wisconsin can pretty much mean anything from an hour to 8 hours North of where you are). Anyway my Man-child was here, my Brother and his family, Baby Girl of course...It was a full house, a VERY full house. I wish I had gotten some photos, but I don't think I could have raised my arms with a camera in my hands. It was that packed. (hee, hee) And completely fantastic!

The fun actually started Thursday when I took Baby Girl to take her driver's test. It seems like only yesterday I was strapping her into a car seat for crying out loud! Where has the time gone?
She passed! Good for her, a new level of anxiety for me...My heart races every time I hear a siren when she's out. UGH! Hubby says he just feels OLD. I told him that's because he is. Is that insensitive? Nah, I thought not.

Real nice. She gets that behavior from her Father.

On cloud nine after passing and waiting for her number to be called

My new chauffeur

The weather has changed to spring-y. And well, my tulips I planted in the fall here at the new place (The Move chronicled here and here) have begun to poke their little baby heads up. And my chives. And its 64 degrees here today, so I really want to get back outside. I mentioned last week in my Top Ten Tuesday post my love for gardening. I don't know how long it's going to take to get the crud from under my fingernails, but who cares?!

Baby Tulip. The photos were taken before they were watered.

Baby chives.

I have a ton more bookish things to write about. But it'll have to wait until a little later. I have a date with some dirt.

Love you guys. Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I have triumphs in gardening but sadly I think the Gaillardias aren't sprouting. :D Have a great mid-week.

    1. Hi Raine,
      Maybe they need more time. Everything seems to be confused by the weather this year. I swear the geese are flying in circles. Not sure where they should be!


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