Thursday, May 17, 2012

How a Book is Born Infographic

The folks over at Weldon Owen Publishing did this very entertaining infographic which illustrates the route by which a book starts as an idea and is eventually published.
From their website: "We're not so shy. Here's the heartwarming, only slightly messy, and roughly 74 percent accurate story of how an idea churns through the publishing process just like—as a publisher we once knew put it—a rat travels through an anaconda. Don't think too much about that analogy. Just enjoy this flowchart that takes you from a brilliant idea to a best-selling trade book. And stop asking your mother embarrassing questions."


  1. This is so funny, I was laughing out loud. I am sending to my daughter who wants to be a writer (not because I think she is without talent, just cause it is funny) Thanks for posting it.

    1. Thanks, Alex. I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. I can't wait to read your daughter's book :)


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