Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mmmm. Bacon

I love bacon. And butter. But the butter is a story for another day. I was all set to write about books, but Yahoo had to scroll the results of the Bon Appetit bacon taste test past my eyes. And it was over. Mmmmm bacon. I would make a terrible Muslim or Jew or member of any other affiliation in which eating pork is "frowned upon." ok. Forbidden.

Thank goodness bacon is so expensive right now, or I'd probably weigh a ton with a cholesterol level of 5 million. I had to double check my Piggly Wiggly (hee, hee.) sales paper to verify. Yep. Bacon costs more per pound than the T-bones that are on sale. The T-bones are from Mexico, but still. Isn't that weird, US beef is $4 more a pound? Things that make you go Hmmm. 

So, how do I link all of this rambling nonsense to books? Here we go. Prepare to get your pig on! 

First, let's meet Heather Lauer. Her blog, Bacon Unwrapped, is an ode the deliciousness that is bacon. She says in her About me page that "After countless vodka tonics [with her brothers], we came to the conclusion that 1) everyone loves bacon and 2) there aren't nearly enough websites dedicated to the topic of bacon." Her book, Bacon: a love story - a salty survey of everybody's favorite meat, was born four years later. Yay, for the vodka tonics that started all!

Joanna Pruess with Bob Lape have brought to the masses another bacon book, Seduced by Bacon: recipes and lore about America's favorite indulgence. The description from the inside flap makes me seriously hungry for a BLT, extra B.
Even its smell can transport us back to comforting times, and it has a taste like no other. Bacon evokes memories of caramel, wood fires, and mouth-watering home-cooked meals. Oh, those delectably succulent, salty, crunchy morsels!
Almost every dish can be made better with bacon. Not only does it flatter savories, it’s an admirable complement to sweets as well. Seduced by Bacon offers sensuous dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and any time in between. Entice your guests with Pecan Waffles smothered in a Caramel-Bacon Sauce, arouse all your senses with an Open-Faced Cheddar & Turkey Bacon Sandwich with Beer-Glazed Onions, and finally, bewitch your taste buds with a French Apple Tart with Cheddar Cheese Crust and Sweet Brittle Topping.
Every cook and connoisseur—in fact, anyone who eats—will savor the delectable recipes, tantalizing photographs, and fascinating bits of “baconry” in this fresh and innovative cookbook.
There really are more bacon cookbooks available than I would have thought. My theory is, have bacon, put it in! It makes everything delicious. I used to waitress in a restaurant that made the most incredible grilled cheese with bacon and tomato sandwiches. Heavenly. The bread was crispy. There was the perfect cheese to bacon ratio, and the tomatoes were not overcooked into slimy globbiness...Mmmm. 

Oh, and don't forget to save the grease to savor the flavor later...yum. My grandma always had a vessel containing the hardened fat in the fridge. Eggs fried in bacon grease...Be still my heart. I take that back. Bad choice of words considering the subject. It could happen.


Have a great weekend,

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