Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hey Padre, This is for You!

I love you so stinkin' much, Dad.
Life Lessons

You may have thought I didn't see,
Or that I hadn't heard,
Life lessons that you taught to me,
But I got every word.

Perhaps you thought I missed it all,
And that we'd grow apart,
But Dad, I picked up everything,
It's written on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn't be
The woman I am today;
You built a strong foundation
No one can take away.

I've grown up with your values,
And I'm very glad I did;
So here's to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful kid.

By Joanna Fuchs


  1. I wish my dad was still alive so that I could have printed this for him. Lovely words, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Barbara. It's always so great to see you. My heart aches for you.


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