Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where Have Your Cookies Come From?

Baby Girl and I had a great day yesterday. She wanted to go to the mall to get her sweetie a "going-away-to-college" gift. She decided on a lovely photo frame that she had personalized, and plans to insert a couple of pics of herself. 

Anyway...we returned home to find these cutest "pizza" cookies on a chair on the patio. No note. No anything. Huh, we wondered who they were from. In this neighborhood we all share treats, so it's not unusual. But we didn't know who to thank for these darling little things.

While watching tv last night.
Her: "Where'd those cookies go?"
Me: "On the table."
Her: "Can I have one?"
Me: "Sure. Go ahead."
Her: "This is AWFULLLL!"
Me: "Really? Let me try..." 
I COULDN"T EVEN BITE IT!!! And the frosting tasted a bit waxy. 

Neighbor calls today, "Did you get the dog treats I left for Chester?" The dog liked it. Who would have thought? Ugh. 


Have a good one,

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