Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bookstores in Movies: the second installment

Here's the first installment.

Bookstore in Hannah and Her Sisters
Bookstore scene in Hannah and Her Sisters.

Bookstore in Harry Potter movie
Flourish and Blotts of Harry Potter fame.

Bookstore, Shakespeare and Co, in the film Before Sunset
Jesse (Ethan Hawke) does a reading in Shakespeare and Company in Paris where Celine (Julie Delpy) is in the audience in the film Before Sunset.

Bookstore in the film Agata and the Storm
 Agata (Licia Maglietta) is a middle-aged bookstore owner being wooed by a married male customer in the film Agata and the Storm (Italian with English subtitles)

Bookstore in The Answer Man
Bookstore owner Kris Licas (Lou Taylor Pucci) seeks words of wisdom from reclusive writer Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniels). A back injury leads Arlen to Elizabeth (Lauren Graham, whom I loved in Gilmore Girls) a local chiropractor. All of this happens in the film, The Answer Man.

Rizzoli Bookstore in the film, Falling in Love
Married New Yorkers, Molly Gilmore (Meryl Streep) and Frank Raftis (Robert DeNiro) meet by chance in Rizzoli Bookstore in the film, Falling in Love.

Rizzoli bookstore in New York City
Rizzoli is an actual store in New York. Isn't it stunning?

Helen MacFarquhar (Kate Capshaw) is a middle-aged bookseller in The Love Letter. Based on the novel by Cathleen Schine.

Bookstore in the film, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself
After their father dies, two brothers are left to take care of their father's dingy bookstore in Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself.

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  1. Great bookstores! I think Rizzoli is beautiful. It makes me want to go to NY just to see it in person. Reading this post also reminded me that I need to see Before Sunset (I saw Before Sunrise and never saw the second one).


  2. I would love to go to Rizzoli. I don't know iif anyone could get me out though :)

  3. Such a fun list!

    Maybe I'm blind and missed it, but it seems that you missed a rather obvious one... "The Librarian"! It's actually a series of 3 made-for-TV movies. It has it's moments of cheese but it's pretty fun.

    Also, not a movie, but a tv show that I hope you have seen: "Black Books" starring Dylan Moran and Bill Bailey. Hilarious!

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Love the Librarian series! Completely forgot about that one. I've not seen Black Books.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Good post.
    Ink Heart and Never Ending Story are films with book stores in them.

  6. Nice list! Also The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp which is the only bookish horror movie I know


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